Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My, You're Looking Leafy Today...

I just caught myself talking to one of my plants. Hmm...never thought I'd be one of "those" people. :) I won't look too deeply into why I felt the need to speak words of encouragement to my new friend..I mean plant..

Happy Valentine's Day....yesterday! We had a nice little gathering with our kids and team members, filled with valentine making, chocolate fondue dipping and lots of love all around. We had tables set up with fun paper and cut out hearts and stickers, where people could make valentines for each other right there on the spot, then deliver them into their friend's paper bag mailbox. The kids had a good time, as did the adults! I'm not much for this holiday, but I enjoyed spending time with people who are becoming dear friends.

I'm reading a very good book right now (well, I'm reading a few books. I can't help myself!) The one I'm referring to, however, is Courage and Calling by Gordon T. Smith. A friend lent it to me as I am going though a personal process of re-focusing and getting to know myself a bit better. I keep joking that I hope to figure out what I want to be when I grow up, but part of me knows I'm not really joking! The book centers on God's specific call in a person's life, which is your vocation. A person's vocation can be carried out anywhere, at any point in one's life. Most often we think of our vocation as what we do for a living. It may overlap with your job or profession, but maybe not completely. Basically, it's figuring out who He has called you to be, and then being true to yourself in that calling. (Sorry, I'm not good at summarizing.) Just wanted to share a bit about the personal growth process I am starting here, led by some wonderful friends. I'll share a bit more as we go along!
Some pictures...

Poor Yogi had a heart balloon attached to his collar...but it was so cute!

Isn't she a beaut??

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