Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pie and Visas

There's lemon tree right out front of the kitchen window, and it's been heavy with lemons for the past few weeks. Those lemons inspired me and could be the only possible explanation for my desire to bake a pie from scratch! My Grammy's lemon sponge pie is a family favorite, and though I have never baked it before in my life (nor any other pie for that matter) I decided to give it a go! They don't really have pre-made pie crusts in the local supermarket, but they do have sheets of dough that can be used as a crust. I discovered, though, that they are rectangles and didn't quite fit the pie dish I was using. So I ended up making my first pie crust from scratch as well! And I have to say, it turned out rather well. The oven has no option to bake just from the bottom, so the top got browner than it's supposed to, but the taste came out pretty close to what I all in all I'm calling it a success!

Good news...the family I am homeschooling (one of the families, I should say) all have their visas now to live in Spain! Mom and the 2 girls' visas hadn't come through after months of waiting, so they returned to Costa Rica and were gone for about 3 weeks. They finally got the situation figured out and praise God, came back on Friday with their visas! Such a huge burden lifted and an answer to prayer. I'm excited to have my students back :)

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