Friday, April 1, 2011


Last Saturday I had the chance to take a day trip out to a town called Ronda with my friend Theresa from church. We hopped on a bus at 10am, and after an hour and 45 min. bus ride inland we arrived in Ronda. It is a rather large town, set up on a cliff. Sort of. I don't know how to describe it, I'll have to post pictures below! The old town and newer part of town are connected by an old bridge over a gorge. We hiked down part of the way and actually went under the bridge...though there wasn't really a clear walkway, so it was a bit narrow at times! But we had a good time exploring the city and enjoying the beautiful Spring weather that has finally arrived! (I won't linger on this subject, out of respect for my PA friends and family. Sorry to hear about the April Fool's snow :(
ahora, fotos!
Puente Nuevo...the "new" bridge, built in the 18th century. Beautiful!

This is what I meant, about it being up on a cliff! Green fields surrounded the city below.

On our hike down to get pictures of the bridge.

Wildflowers, gazebo, and countryside

Theresa and me (and bridge, of course!)

Walking through town. It's was fairly touristy, but still awesome. I just can't get enough of these narrow alleys/streets!