Saturday, March 19, 2011

Picture Fun

Okay, so my attempt to be a better blogger has failed miserably. Ah, well. I think instead of typing out a bunch of stuff, I'll post some photos with captions about what I've done in the past month.

The end of February/beginning of March was you can see, downtown Malaga was all lit up and decorated, with people running around in fun Halloween-ish costumes, and groups performing songs all along this long walkway. Songs that seemed to be funny, but I really have no idea because I had no idea what they were singing about!

Here I am, ready for Carnaval craziness! It was some sort of mix of Mardi Gras (but not as crazy) and Halloween. Even little kids were dressed up in costumes!

We sort of ran into a parade, so we stopped to watch! When I wasn't being pummeled with confetti from people on the floats, I managed to get a few photos.

Last week I ran around town with my friend Lily and took pictures because she had a Flat Stanley sent to her by a friend! So we went all around Malaga, which worked nicely for me because I got to take a few pictures too. This is a picture looking down on the bull fighting ring in Malaga. And the Mediterranean, of course!

Overlooking the harbor

The view the other direction, which is downtown Malaga.

A back/side view of the main cathedral in Malaga

Oh Flat Stanley (whose name is actually Flat Nathan), what are you doing hiding in that little alleyway??

And I just love beautiful sunsets from my bedroom window (well technically, classroom window!)           

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  1. Ah-ha! I like the new look to the blog. My eyes were much happier reading this one.
    And I like the pictures. Very fun.